Eat Cake, a play (of about forty-five minutes) about a woman violated in her home by ever-accumulating quantities of cake, was first produced in August, 1971 at The Changing Scene, Denver, Colorado, directed by Michael Smith.


WOMAN: Hello? Hello. This Nancy Garrison, 35 Alpine. 35. I need three large birthday cakes for tonight. I mean for now, as soon as possible. What do you mean you can’t? I need them now...

   (She is getting into it. He smiles at her encouragingly.)

The largest you have. Nancy. Happy Birthday, Nancy...

   (He whispers to her. Her eyes open wide in amazement... She speaks into the phone.)

In fact I want to place a standing order for one birthday cake in the morning, one at noon and one in the evening every day this week....

Published in America Hurrah and Other Plays, Grove/Atlantic, 2001. Dramatists Play Service Seven Short and Very Short Plays by Jean-Claude van Itallie; Performance Magazine , March, 1973.

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